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Conversations About Aging: Joy Hare, 75

Joy at home

Joy Hare tries to live up to her name in all aspects of her life. You can’t make it to 75 without experiencing some heartache, and she has. But she is always seeking joy, which is reflected in the poetry she writes, the art she produces, the work she does, and the adventures she takes. She reflects on all of that in the latest episode of my special series Conversations About Aging.

What Brought You Joy?

Upta camp

We’re upta camp. So peaceful. When you’re upta camp on vacation, there’s joy in almost every minute. From sitting on the porch with a good book to kayaking for hours to going to the movies on a rainy afternoon. The most joyful moments this past week were when our daughter and her husband visited for […]

What Brought You Joy Last Week?

Vacuum cleaner

Who’d ever think a new vacuum cleaner could bring such joy! Can anybody relate? Our friends Andrew, Nancy, Charles and Robby Koll brought us lots of joy last week. They came all the way from Oregon just to stack the pile of wood in our front yard. Thank you! Thank you! We also enjoyed their visit […]

What Brought You Joy This Week?

Purple cone flower

I got to stroll through Treworgy Garden in Gorham Sunday morning. The grass was wet, but I wore my trusty rubber boots. Thank you, Linda Faatz, for being a gracious hostess. Your hard work in the garden shows at every turn. I even discovered some delicious just ripe blueberries! [Tweet “What brought you joy this […]

What Brought You Joy This Week?

Screenshot from mylatestart.com

I followed through on something. That’s what brought me joy this week. I’ve mentioned before that I’m an art student at USM. When I started two years ago, I also set up a blog to chronicle my adventures. It’s called mylatestart (which, if you look closely, you’ll see also reads my latest art — unintentional cleverness.) […]