What Brought You Joy Today?

Today is the fourth installment of a series of updates on joy from the Catching Health Facebook page. If you missed the previous posts, about a month ago, I was inspired to share a picture of a lilac tree and asked my followers what brought them joy that day. People responded!

Day 30 has come and gone, but I’ve decided to continue sharing and asking “What brought you joy today?” here on the Catching Health blog.

I’m beginning by sharing the Facebook posts and responses from the past month.

I hope you’ll be inspired to share you own moments of joy. It can be contagious!

Rothko print

(June 8, 2015) I saw this print today (Mark Rothko) at Breast Care Specialists of Maine. As some of you know, I was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer last year (DCIS). I was in for a follow-up visit and feeling pretty anxious. The bright sunny colors in the print made me feel happy. I was even happier when Dr. Hoekstra told me everything looks great. Hallelujah! What brought you joy today?

  • Super news, Di! My joy was thinking there was a team of horses on Crescent Beach today until I got close enough and realized that it was a huge tractor collecting seaweed. Woody
  • Thinking of you, and sending you healing prayers! The color reminds me of Lemon & Wild Orange, which both are happy aromas! Michelle
  • That is great news, Diane! Had a joyful moment today when I looked out at our feeders and saw a single beautiful bronze turkey feeding on dropped seed. Jennifer
  • That you got a great report! Kathy
  • Diane – Just catching up on your news of dealing with breast Cancer… and it being in remission. So happy to read of your Great News!! Our great joy yesterday & today is watching our little family of red cardinals with their babies on our front lawn. **Now onto a personal note: My husband & I just found out this past weekend, that his sister has full blown cancer IN her brain and kidneys; and NEXT to her liver. We talked to her today…and she says–she is keeping a positive outlook and trying to be strong. Any advice or suggestions on where to go to for cancer help… from good specialist OR cancer centers would be greatly appreciated. Prayers would be greatly appreciated also. Thank you! Betty & Ron
  • Great news! Jessica
  • Well, your news, for one thing. Felicia
  • Your news brings me joy! Martha
  • So happy to hear your news, Diane! It brings me great joy! Kathy
  • Hearing your good news. Louise
  • Hearing your great news brought me joy. Thanks to you sharing your own story, I FINALLY got my long overdue mammo last Friday. Waiting on results. Lee
  • Glad that everything looked great for you,I remember the story you told the viewers on WLBZ 2 back then.Iv got a mamm coming up in July.When it is gloomy & rainy out I wear the brightest fluorescent yellow & that makes me happy. Wendy
  • Getting my daily grandson fix! Lori
Lori's grandson

Lori’s grandson

  • Great news, Diane! My joy was spending some time with great friends today! Maggie
  • Can’t even come close to the comfort that you must feel. Our joy is a special pup that we are grandparenting fast asleep at our feet. Sally
  • That’s fantastic news Diane! Thank God!
    I have the joy of being visited by 5 Lunar Moths today. They were all hanging out near my car when I went out to get in.

    Legend says that they represent spiritual growth, wisdom and intuition. I should be all set with a visit from 5 of them. Linda
  • Glad you got your good news today Diane. Cathy

Rosen's Deli

(June 9, 2015) When I found out that Full Belly Deli had closed, I had a sudden intense craving for a corned beef sandwich. But now it’s back as Rosen’s Deli on Main Street in Westbrook and I’m happy to announce that this afternoon my craving was satisfied! What brought you joy today?

  • Watching the birds!! Saw the cardinals and a catbird among others! Julie
  • Talking to my beautiful daughter… Peggy
  • Having an ice cream cone with my daughter and her pups. Linda
  • Just being with my client. Terri
  • Made time to knit a bit! Jennifer
  • Black Rasberry Ice Cream at Big Dipper in Lisbon. Patricia
  • Watching Chance the Wonder Horse listen to Lyle Lovett on Pandora in a bucket without going beserk. Wait, did that make any sense? Woody

Family picture

(June 10, 2015) An out of the blue joy tonight. This is a picture of our family in the 90s. (It looks as if we’re all squinting at the sun.) It shows my husband Barry and me, our daughters Katharine and Stephanie and our summertime kids from NYC — Ciera and Paul. Ciera visited us two weeks every summer from the age of six until she was 12 and her brother Paul came for two summers. We lost touch until tonight when my phone rang and it was Paul! Barry and I got to talk with him and Ciera and their mother Marie. So many memories came flooding back. I’m overwhelmed with happiness. What brought you joy today?

  • wow!!! when I was a kid we had a NYC fresh-air child named Alfred Leeks.. I”m unsure of the spelling, I think my brother Jim was 8 or 9 so I was 5 or 6.. if anyone knows what ever became of this guy… tell me… he stayed with the Stimpsons in Hartland VT .. likely the summer of 61 or 62. Laura
  • Today’s joy: received an email from a friend I haven’t seen in 40 years. We backpacked in Portugal together. Jon
  • Beautiful family. Roland
  • Love hearing good news..! and a great pic too. Kathy
  • What a lovely story. One thing that brought me joy was hearing your story. Cathy
  • Oh how awesome!! So great that you got to reconnect.
    What brought me joy today was having my first bonfire in the backyard and relaxing in the hammock. It was perfect! Linda
Diane's mother

My mamma!

(June 11, 2015) MWAH from my mamma! We just had a lovely visit on this warm almost summer night. What brought you joy today?

  • Kisses back at your wonderful mom, Diane, xoxo!! She has always brought joy to me. Peggy
  • I feel like I have just been sent a kiss from aunt Bev. Thanks Diane this made my night. Linda
  • A surprise afternoon visit from a good friend brought me joy today… And just when I needed a little! Jennifer
  • Seeing this picture of your beautiful mother brought me joy today. Fred
  • What a good picture, Diane! Jo
  • THIS! Stephanie

Little Sebago

(June 12, 2015) Who loves living in Maine? Me! Me! We’re visiting with friends on Little Sebago tonight. So peaceful. What brought you joy today?

  • Keep posting Diane. Eating at Rising Tide Restaurant in Pine Point with family ….best view ever. Patricia
  • I wait for these posts every day! It makes you have to stop & count your blessings. Thanks for that. Getting something special in the mail. Linda


(June 13, 2015) My husband is in the spotlight tonight. He is wicked happy because he got these four DVD’s for $12.04 at Bull Moose. He hadn’t seen The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey yet, so watched it while I was out to dinner with friends. He texted our daughter that it would take his mind off his loneliness! Aaaaw … isn’t he sweet. What brought you joy today?

  • Memories of time with family celebrating Stephanie and Keegan especially thinking about our sister n law Toni who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday again Toni. Mary
Mary's family

Some of Mary’s family

  • Being in my gardens and feeling the warmth of the sun. Cathy
  • A walk with my sweetie on the beach! Jennifer
  • Volunteering at a day camp for grieving children ( and adults)
    What a great day, sharing stories, tears, hugs & hope with others. It was the first time I had done this type of thing but it was so amazing.
    It was good therapy for everyone. Linda

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