What Brought You Joy Today?

Today is the third installment of a series of updates on joy from the Catching Health Facebook page. If you missed the previous posts, about a month ago, I was inspired to share a picture of a lilac tree and asked my followers what brought them joy that day. People responded!

Day 30 is tomorrow, but I’ve decided to continue sharing and asking “What brought you joy today?” here on the Catching Health blog.

I’m beginning by sharing the Facebook posts and responses from the past month.

I hope you’ll be inspired to share you own moments of joy. It can be contagious!

Treadmill and television

(June 2, 2015) So … I enjoy watching House Hunters International. Imagine my happiness when I lumbered onto the treadmill this morning and turned on the overhead tv set my husband installed years ago (to provide me with an incentive.) Yup, House Hunters International was on! I helped choose an amazing house in Serbia. What brought you joy today?

  • Getting up. Russ
  • Talking to Amy and Porter…two of the LOVES of my life. Mary
Amy and Porter 2015

Amy and Porter

  • Watching a red breasted grosbeak at the feeder! Jennifer

Crossword puzzle

(June 3, 2015) When I worked at Mercy Hospital, I used to enjoy a quiet lunchtime break. I’d close my door and do the daily crossword puzzle and cryptoquip while I ate my lunch. Today I stopped at a little cafe for a late lunch and revived my old tradition. Made me sigh with pleasure. But I need your help — what’s a four letter word for old dagger? S_EE?  What brought you joy today?

  • My dad and I still get a paper copy of the PPH as we are daily addicts of the trifecta as he calls it….crossword, jumble and cryptoquip. I still get stumped by Sunday’s puzzles. Lee
  • Having lunch with the LIFT group in which I am the baby at 55.The average age is 75-80 but a few of the ladies are 90 and they are sharp as a tack. I hope I age half as well. Linda
  • Snee! (All that Gilbert & Sullivan pays off) Felicia
  • Snee! As I was driving past our elementary school today I saw the Phys Ed teacher with his students out on the ballfield practicing casting fishing reels! While the girls cast their reels the boys were practicing hula hooping….then they all switched places. I just had to stop! The teacher said, “Durham kids should know how to fish!” Perfect! Jennifer

Kids with fishing reels

  • Taking a lunch break outside and working on my crocheting! Great way to get away from the phone and computer for a little while. Lori
Crocheting by Lori

Made by Lori

  • Snee according to the crossword website. Hope it helps. Kathleen
  • This amazing Sea Turtle brought me joy last night along with the gorgeous full moon and good company with a great friend. Mary

Sea turtle

  • Having someone I have not seen in a very long time acknowledge me with a huge smile and a great big hug !!!! Tanya
  • Dirk Jean
    • Now Jean, you’ve got me curious! Me
    • [durk] noun 1. a dagger, especially of the Scottish Highlands. Verb (used with object) LOL, I thought maybe I’d found your 4 letter word for old dagger! Jean
    • And I thought you were talking about a guy named Dirk!!! Me
      Of course, I hadn’t looked at the puzzle to see the letters already completed. I like dirk better! Jean
  • Snee Mildred
  • When I got hypnotized in 1979 to stop smoking (which worked!) I also stopped drinking coffee and doing crossword puzzles, all of which were so closely linked in my brain……..but I can still come up with some weird words! Mary
Ice cream cone

Heath bar crunch

(June 4, 2015) OMG! OMG! I LOVE ice cream. It’s my mother’s doing. I’m the oldest of eight kids and often had to do the supper dishes (I swear, although she denies it, that I started doing them at a very young age.) Anyway, my reward was usually a giant bowl of ice cream. Tonight’s reward was a double scoop of heath bar crunch from Beal’s. YUM! What brought you joy today?

  • Lunch with a friend. Patt
  • I have been here almost a week and I have yet to make it to Baskin Robins for my peanut butter and chocolate waffle cone. Jolene
  • While I have had many “favorite” flavors over the years, my all-time favorite remains Breyer’s Coffee ice cream…. it is Heaven in a bowl. I had “some” last night. lol. Chuck
  • You brought me joy Diane…I Love you… Mary
  • Haha….. just looking at that ice cream brought me joy……enjoying vicariously. Lee

John Calvin Stevens exhibit

(June 5, 2015) My plan for the afternoon was to see the John Calvin Stevens exhibit at the UNE Art Gallery but managed to arrive five minutes before closing. HOWEVER, it’s reunion weekend and there was a reception happening at the museum. An older couple (my age actually!) was coming out and urged me to go on in, nobody would notice. I was barely through the door and someone called my name, which immediately made me feel like an invited guest. Next, as I was examining the brush strokes in a painting, someone from UNE tried to take my picture. I asked her not to and confessed that I was an interloper and hoped it was ok. Go ahead and enjoy, she said. So I did! It was a beautiful exhibit and there’s also a sculpture garden and a labyrinth outside. If you haven’t already, you should visit! What brought you joy today?

  • We spent the afternoon with the grands. Such love. Jennifer


  • The unexpected kindness of a friend. Linda
Wedding Day

June 6, 1982

(June 6, 2015) Today my husband Barry and I are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary. This is a picture from our wedding reception. I promise you, there has never been a dull moment, including today. We’ve been having a wonderful day together. What brought you joy today?

  • Happy Anniversary & I really love your dress!What brought me joy today is Today is my husband’s birthday. We have been together for 25 years now. Also, having sunshine all day today made me happy. Wendy
  • Happy Anniversary! Linda
  • Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I also love your dress. The sun brought Tony and I joy. We will celebrate our 48th on July 1st. Donna
  • Happy anniversary! Love your dress. This photo brought me joy! I also got to hold MaggieRose again today! Jennifer
  • Happy anniversary!!! Love you. Becky
  • Happy Anniversary! The sun brought me joy today. Katherine
  • Our joy today is having our daughter, Janice, and grandson, Nicholas (age 4), with us until Wed. Arlie
  • Hope your day was a special as you are, Diane! Happy belated anniversary to you both. Roxanne
  • I had great joy today but I can’t say what it was because it’s such a huge not to be discussed thing. OK, it involved a horse. Mary
  • Happy Anniversary …What brought me joy was watching my grandson pitch. Patricia
  • Happy Anniversary! Beautiful dress. Kathy
  • Happy 33rd Anniversary, Barry & Diane. We have to get together soon!! Arlie
  • Happy Anniversary!!! Remember the day!!! Kathleen
  • We have our daughter and husband visiting to help us take down trees in the house next door to us which we bought and are renting for 2 more years until they can move home and buy it. Family time is precious … Brenda
  • Happy anniversary!! after working in the yard the sun came out and we took a jeep ride to the ocean……..it brought us both joy!!!!!! Randi
  • And neither one of you have changed a bit! Congratulations !!!! Sally
  • And the post got tons of Happy Anniversary Wishes, so thank you everyone for all the well wishes! Several people mentioned that they liked my dress. It was specially made by an old friend — Midge Marean. I still have it. Me

BB King Album cover

(June 7, 2015) One of several joyful moments — listening to BB King while working on an oil painting for a friend. What brought you joy today?

  • Seeing this picture and news of my amazing nephew Myles…I LOVE HIM!!! Mary


  • Joy = Sitting under the apple tree with Michael, reading the paper, and listening to the birds chirping to the music from the outdoor speakers. Jennifer
  • I love your daily question. It always makes me stop and think. Today, joy for me, was doing some more planting in my garden and seeing sprouts from some of the seeds planted earlier. Sally
  • Shooting hoops in my driveway, Great exercise & fun too. I agree with Sally, I love these daily questions because there is always something to be found if you look for it. Keep them coming Diane! Linda
  • Lovely picture taking weather! Lori
Shawl crocheted by Lori

Shawl crocheted by Lori

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