What Brought You Joy Today?

Today is the second installment of a series of updates on joy from the Catching Health Facebook page. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, about a month ago, I was inspired to share a picture of a lilac tree and asked my followers what brought them joy that day. People responded!

I decided to keep doing it for the next 30 days and now I’ve decided to continue sharing and asking “What brought you joy today?” here on the Catching Health blog.

I’m beginning by sharing the Facebook posts and responses from the past month.

I hope you’ll be inspired to share you own moments of joy. It can be contagious!

(May 27, 2015)
Flight of the honeybees in my backyard. Mesmerizing. What brought you joy today?

  • Maggie Rose Jennifer
Jennifer and Maggie Rose

Jennifer and her new granddaughter Maggie Rose

Window box

Just planted

(May 28, 2015) Happy that my window box is off to a great start. What brought you joy today?

  • The sounds of the peepers and the smell of the lilacs when I went for a walk tonight to complete my 10,000 steps for the day. Brenda
  • Seeing Aunt Bev today! Jo
  • Very beautiful flowers. Jackie
  • A focused and productive workday after a lovely vacation. And the smell of lilacs! Jen
  • A swim in Range Pond. Jennifer
  • The rain. Didn’t have to water the garden. Louise

My hammock!

(May 29, 2015) No words necessary! What brought you joy today?

  • Road trip to Ash Point, Owls Head with my honey. Jennifer 
  • Helping my son work on his cabin. Linda

Blue Flag Irises

(May 30, 2015) Lots of things made me feel happy today. The beautiful sunshine and refreshing breezes, the clutter clearing I did in our barn loft, the curtains I started sewing, the nap I took in my hammock, the new chairs that just arrived. These lovely irises win the prize though because it caught me by surprise that they had blossomed. What brought you joy today?

  • Playing in the sprinkler in the garden… For a brief moment, I felt 10 again! Jennifer
Raindrops on my Enkianthus

Raindrops on my Enkianthus

(May 31, 2015) Grateful for the rain that gave our yard a good soaking and prevented me from doing all the outside chores my husband had so kindly added to my Sunday agenda. What brought you joy today?

  • Face timing with you today brought me joy today Diane. I LOVE YOU!!! Mary
  • Reading bedtime stories to Molly… I so loved that time with my children and now I am blessed to be able to read to my granddaughter! Jennifer
  • A graduation cookout with family and extended family. What a blessing! Brenda
  • The rain was definitely a blessing. Making my granddaughters’ special sleep over chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast brought joy to all 3 of us. Linda
Diane's tub

Aaah …

(June 1, 2015) Although it was a productive day, experiencing that aaah moment was a bit of a struggle, so I created one! We should all do that more often, don’t you think? What brought you joy today?

  • Taking a strip of goofy photos in a photo booth! Jennifer
  • Camping on the Missouri River in ND. Kathy
Kathy's husband Bill

Kathy’s husband Bill on the camping trip

  • Seeing this tub and realizing I need one. Maria
  • My chiropractor!! Julie

Help spread the joy — share your moment in the comment section below.

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