When Your Spirits Need Lifting, Turn to Your Friends

I’ve been in a funk lately.

Maybe I’m tired of winter. Maybe I’ve got a few too many things on my plate. Maybe I need a vacation.

Probably all of the above.

I turned to some of my friends on Facebook and asked them what they did to get motivated when they were in a funk. I decided to share the great responses I got. Maybe you’re feeling like I am and could use a little lift or some inspiration.

Snow covered tree

Wendy: I get outside and enjoy the fresh (cold) air and scenery : )

Stacked stones

Mary: Prayer and meditation, walking, fresh air, bike riding … also finding someone else in need and helping them.

Cheers Kevin!

Cheers Kevin!

Kevin: I look at your smiling face!

Tea and books

Amy: Tea and something to read.


Jaye: Go to a greenhouse and meander among the green and colors of the flowers and feel the warmth … even works on a cloudy day.

Linda in costume on skates

Linda on skates at the Derby Lite 2013 Halloween party

Linda: Roller skating!

Postage stamp with woman dancing

Mary: I crank music and dance

Diane with dalmation

Playing with Bella, who participated in last year’s Bark for Life

Pat: Adopt a new dog!!

Winter scene

Jennifer’s winter playground

Jennifer: Just like my Mom always said — Go outside and play!

Kathleen:  Go and take a drive with my camera until I spot something interesting to photograph. When I’m completely in the moment of photographing, the only thing that’s in my head is the light on the subject and how I’m going to compose the image. It chases out whatever “funk” has been accumulating. Then I go home and share the images on FB.

Glass half full

Erik: I go through my photos, remind myself what a great life I’ve had so far and try to realize how I still have half a cup yet to fill. That, and the shooting range!

People exercising

Courtesy the M.O.G.

Charity: Exercise! Even if you don’t feel like it. The natural endorphins created by exercise can make you feel better and last for hours and hours. Exercising to music that makes you feel good is a bonus.

My reply to my friends: I got outside. I cranked up the music on my drive into Portland. I had a community acupuncture treatment and after, tea and a hummus plate with my daughter at Dobra Tea (I recommend — it’s on Middle St.) I talked on the phone with my sister Mary. When I got home I stood outside in the dark and looked up at the moon and a sky full of stars. I just smiled at myself in the mirror.

View after a snowstorm

My backyard view after a snowstorm

Thank you friends — you lifted my spirits. Today was a great day and now, I’m just going to think happy thoughts about that snowstorm headed our way!

What do YOU do when you’re in a funk?


Diane Atwood

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For more than 20 years, Diane was the health reporter on WCSH 6. Before that, a radiation therapist at Maine Medical Center and after, Manager of Marketing/PR at Mercy Hospital. Now she writes the award-winning blog Catching Health with Diane Atwood.