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How Becky Sawtelle declared victory over her demon and lost 130 pounds

Becky with nephew

In 2012, at the tender age of 41, Becky Sawtelle reached a life-changing decision. She tipped the scales at 272 pounds — she’s only 5′ 3″ tall. Her body mass index (BMI) was 49. Anything over 30 is considered obese. She had tried to lose the weight many times — was on lots of diets. […]

Weight Loss Shows. Who Really Ends up Being the Biggest Loser?

Overweight woman exercising

Guest post by Charity Hirst Director of Marketing and Public Relations, the Medically Oriented Gym. As a facility that promotes health and wellness, the Medically Oriented Gym (the M.O.G.) fields a lot of questions about the latest health and fitness trends. Recently, we were asked to provide our professional opinion about reality TV weight loss shows.  Things are […]

How Becky Sawtelle is Doing Eight Months After Weight Loss Surgery

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It’s hard to believe that is was the beginning of the year when I first wrote about Becky Sawtelle’s decision to have weight loss surgery. We haven’t had an update on the blog since the middle of May, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t made progress — she’s made incredible progress. She and her little dog Muffin also […]

Becky Sawtelle is the Queen of Weight Loss!

Becky Sawtelle

I think today should be all about Becky Sawtelle. No wait, let’s give her the entire rest of the week. She deserves it! For most of Becky’s life she struggled with her weight and finally decided to have gastric by-pass surgery. Dr. Jamie Loggins, from the Central Maine Bariatric Surgery Center did the procedure the end […]

Weight Loss Surgery: Becky’s Journey to the OR

After years of trying to lose weight and keep it off, Becky Sawtelle finally decided to have Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. It’s not one of those things you think about today and do tomorrow. She had to go through rigorous medical testing — one test showed that her gallbladder was so full of stones it was […]