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I Don’t Know What to Say to Mom

Man shrugging shoulders

Dementia changes how people experience and interact with the world around them. The way a person with dementia uses words often leaves family members and caregivers unsure how to respond. After years of being able to communicate interactively, and exchange information clearly, as dementia progresses this flow suddenly shifts. Initially, it may be an occasional […]

Worried About Your Memory? A Short Test You Can Take at Home Helps Spot Early Dementia

Person taking SAGE test

  Testing for early dementia Less than 15 minutes is all it takes to complete a written test that could uncover early signs of Alzheimer’s or other causes of dementia. It’s called the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination or SAGE test and consists of 22 questions that evaluate the following areas: Orientation (month, date, year) Language Reasoning Visual and […]

Keys to Remembering Where You Put Your Keys

New guidelines for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease were released this week, for the first time in nearly 30 years. The original guidelines,which were developed in 1984, defined Alzheimer’s as having just one stage — dementia — and based diagnosis only on clinical signs that a person was having trouble with thinking, learning, and memory. It was assumed that people […]