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A Straightforward, No Nonsense Guide to Ultimate Health

Doctor with otoscope

Guest post by Lauren Breau, L.Ac, acupuncturist at Wildwood Community Acupuncture  So, an acupuncturist walks into a bar … Actually, just kidding. This acupuncturist isn’t walking into any bar, seeing as I’m on my 3rd day of Zithromax for a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection and sent me running into the arms of biomedicine.  […]

Health Benefits of Kale


Want to improve your health? Eat kale. I confess that I tried it once and didn’t like it. Turns out it wasn’t cooked properly. Because I recently recommitted to improving my overall health — both physical and mental — I decided to try kale one more time. What is kale? Kale is a leafy green […]