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Treating depression, anxiety and insomnia with Chinese medicine

Kath Bartlett

Guest post by Kath Bartlett, LAc, licensed acupuncturist and Board Certified in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM Everyone wants to be happy and avoid suffering and pain. Our body’s nervous system hardwires us to pursue this attainment. So when anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia affect us, we understandably seek relief from our afflictions. Western medicine offers drug […]

Depression in the Workplace

How would you explain to your boss that you suffer from depression? Why would you even bother? It can be such a risk sharing with anybody, let alone your employer, that you have a mental illness. Even in this day and age the stigma against it is alive and well. Dr. Neil Korsen, Medical Director […]

Unplug and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

I used to have a terrible time with insomnia. Used to — I have to knock on wood — don’t want to unleash the demons. I could get to sleep just fine, but would be wide awake a few hours later and could not get back to sleep. Was it stress? The full of the […]