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16 things you should know if you love someone with autism

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Guest post by Eric Campbell, MS, BCBA, Senior Program Director for Education at Spurwink. Having a family member with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can create unanticipated challenges in many facets of life. Once a rare disorder, the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report indicates that one in every 68 children in […]

Raising a child with Asperger’s. A father and son share their perspectives in a new book

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Sometimes, life throws things our way that aren’t easy to handle. We all have our coping mechanisms. If I’ve got something on my mind, I like to be left alone to figure out what to do. You might prefer to talk. Or go for a run or a bike ride. Or meditate. Some people turn to […]

Sprout Film Festival: Celebrate Every Person’s Unique Possibility

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Guest post by Sue Murphy, BS, Adult Program Senior Program Director, Spurwink Films by, for and about people with developmental and intellectual disabilities — including autism — increase knowledge and understanding. Although the Autism Society of America declared the first National Autism Awareness Month in April of 1970, the need for information on a local and regional […]

Autism: the gateway to a great adventure for Roman Waites and his family

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What will you do on your summer vacation? Roman Waites and his family are going on a monumental cross country road trip and they’re going to document their journey by making a movie. Have no doubt — Roman will play a starring role. Here’s how his mother Kelley Fitch describes her son: “Roman is amazing. […]

Understanding Autism and the Importance of Early Intervention

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Look at the picture of this beautiful little girl. Her name is Emerson Brown, Eme for short. She’s five-years-old and just started kindergarten. Here’s Eme with her big sister Finley. Eme and Finley were born only 11 months apart. That’s why their mother Kim was so tuned into Eme’s development. It wasn’t happening the same […]