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Autism: the gateway to a great adventure for Roman Waites and his family

Roman Waites

What will you do on your summer vacation? Roman Waites and his family are going on a monumental cross country road trip and they’re going to document their journey by making a movie. Have no doubt — Roman will play a starring role. Here’s how his mother Kelley Fitch describes her son: “Roman is amazing. […]

Understanding Autism and the Importance of Early Intervention

Eme Brown

Look at the picture of this beautiful little girl. Her name is Emerson Brown, Eme for short. She’s five-years-old and just started kindergarten. Here’s Eme with her big sister Finley. Eme and Finley were born only 11 months apart. That’s why their mother Kim was so tuned into Eme’s development. It wasn’t happening the same […]