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Why hosting an Alzheimer’s Café in a Children’s Museum is a great idea

Once a month the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover invites a group of adults for a bit of socializing. Although they are welcome to join them, it isn’t necessary to have children in tow. The invitation is to the museum’s Alzheimer’s Café — a  place for people living with Alzheimer’s, their family members and care […]

Forgetting things? Take this test to see if you need to worry about Alzheimer’s

Person taking SAGE test

Worried because you’re not young anymore and you’ve started forgetting more things than you used to? Why you left the room? Where you put your glasses? Whether you turned off the iron? A name? An appointment? Someone told me that as long as you realize you’ve forgotten something, you’re ok. It’s when you don’t even have […]

Alzheimer’s Volunteers Make a Big Difference. The Maine Chapter, Alzheimer’s Association Says Thank You

Alzheimer's Association, Maine Chapter

On Saturday I attended a volunteer recognition reception hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter. It was an enlightening  afternoon. As you may know, my mother has Alzheimer’s disease. Even though our family is fortunate to have each other and the help of professional caregivers, I often feel overwhelmed — with worry, sadness, responsibilities … Then, […]

Memory Café

Ken Capron is an intelligent man. I got that right away when we met recently. His gaze was strong and focused and he was quick and articulate when he answered my questions. I only knew he had dementia because he told me ahead of time. I had the same experience with Donna Beveridge. Since her diagnosis, […]

No Water in a Mural for People with Alzheimer’s

Ordinarily, Maine artist Francine Schrock prefers to paint in solitude. She recently took a risk and ventured outside of her studio. The opportunity led her down an unexpected path. Interestingly, a winding path cuts through the middle of Francine’s latest work, a huge mural at Fallbrook Woods in Portland, Maine. The path wasn’t in her […]