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Worried About Your Memory? A Short Test You Can Take at Home Helps Spot Early Dementia

Person taking SAGE test

  Testing for early dementia Less than 15 minutes is all it takes to complete a written test that could uncover early signs of Alzheimer’s or other causes of dementia. It’s called the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination or SAGE test and consists of 22 questions that evaluate the following areas: Orientation (month, date, year) Language Reasoning Visual and […]

Alzheimer’s Volunteers Make a Big Difference. The Maine Chapter, Alzheimer’s Association Says Thank You

Alzheimer's Association, Maine Chapter

On Saturday I attended a volunteer recognition reception hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter. It was an enlightening  afternoon. As you may know, my mother has Alzheimer’s disease. Even though our family is fortunate to have each other and the help of professional caregivers, I often feel overwhelmed — with worry, sadness, responsibilities … Then, […]

No Water in a Mural for People with Alzheimer’s

Ordinarily, Maine artist Francine Schrock prefers to paint in solitude. She recently took a risk and ventured outside of her studio. The opportunity led her down an unexpected path. Interestingly, a winding path cuts through the middle of Francine’s latest work, a huge mural at Fallbrook Woods in Portland, Maine. The path wasn’t in her […]