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Is the 7-minute workout the best exercise?

man doing pushups

Guest post by John Turrell, Wellness Coordinator, Greater Portland Branch,YMCA of Southern Maine. Americans follow the news. We know we need more exercise. We know that Americans suffer from obesity, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, joint degeneration, and broken bones from falling. We know that all these physical problems can largely be […]

From overweight and unhealthy to Ironman. You can’t help but be impressed by this 53-year-old woman

Marcia Scott

When she turned 51 on October 21, 2013, Marcia Scott wrote herself a letter. In it, she reflected on the year that had passed. And how hard she had worked to improve her health. She reminded herself how she’d always been a major goal setter, starting as a young girl when she vowed to sell the […]

Over 65? In agony because of joint pain? Take a look at the advances in joint replacement surgery

older man with arms outstretched

This post is sponsored by Spectrum Medical Group.  In 2011, the first baby boomers started turning age 65. On average, they are living longer, more active lives than their parents’ generation. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the same aches and pains and maladies. Arthritis, for instance, is still a significant cause of joint pain and […]

Funny stories about forgetting. It’s uplifting (and healthy) to laugh!


A while ago, I wrote about a memory test you can take if you worried about forgetting things. The topic generated quite a few comments on social media. Because laughing is good for us (and our brains) I decided to revisit some of the funny stories that people shared. Some people took the memory test and were relieved. Mary: “OK, […]

Sick and tired of, well … everything? Slow down and explore the surprising benefits of t’ai chi

Nancy Fearing

T’ai chi makes me tingle,” answered 90-year-old Marit Wilson, when I asked her what she likes about it. “It makes my arms and legs tingle.” Ta’i chi is a centuries-old mind and body practice. It involves making slow methodical movements called postures. Movements that are both graceful and purposeful. The postures move seamlessly from one […]

Want to get fit without working out? Dance to the tune of these audacious women!

Tap dancers

Every week these women strap on their tap shoes and dance, dance, dance! They’re all over 60. Some took lessons when they were kids and some simply danced in their kitchens when no one was looking. None lets a little thing like age stop them from dancing now. Their teacher Betsy Dunphy started dancing when […]