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Contemplating while you exercise is good for your body and your mind

Fall foliage in Maine

Guest post by John Turrell, Wellness Coordinator, Greater Portland Branch, YMCA of Southern Maine. Who didn’t want to exercise outdoors this fall? September and October were beautiful this year. There were so many sunny, cool fall days to spend outside running, walking, or hiking. The fall foliage was colorful and visually stimulating. It was hard […]

Learn how to protect your child against sexual assault

Windham Primary 1

Talking to your children about sexual assault might not be an easy conversation for a lot of parents. It may not even occur to some if their child is still young. When should you say something? How do you find the right words to avoid scaring them or leaving them bewildered and confused? Maybe that’s exactly how […]

Some surprising little known facts about lung cancer

Chest x-ray

Most people assume that all lung cancers are caused by smoking. Period. Given that active smoking is responsible for an estimated 85 percent of lung cancer cases, it seems like a fair assumption. But when I asked Deb Violette, who was diagnosed with lung cancer 17 years ago if she’d been a smoker, I could tell […]

How businesses can chill out this winter with safety prep now

Snow covered cars

Guest post by Tony Payne, VP Business Development, Clark Insurance. Many of the most frequent and costly insurance claims for businesses are winter-related accidents. With cold weather approaching, property owners need to take steps now to avoid injuries as well as property and liability claims. Here are several hazards to avoid and things you can do […]

A tense vagina. Something worth dancing about

Illustration Tense Vagina

Sara Juli is not afraid to tackle personal issues in a public forum. She’s a dance artist who has been creating and performing solo work since 2000. She has danced about fear and shame and anger. In 2006, she offered audiences her life savings — $5000 — in The Money Conversation. In 2008, after losing her […]

Sleep apnea at night nearly killed this man during the day

Tire tracks

“I was driving along a state highway heading home on a summer afternoon. I dozed and drifted onto the gravel shoulder toward a drop-off onto someone’s lawn. The bang of my right side mirror striking a mailbox woke me up. I swerved left and skidded back into the road. Safe this time, but frightened.” Dan was […]

How to get an AED for your community and why it’s important that you do


March 5, 2007. A day Joe Gould will never forget. It started out like any other day. He went to work and at lunchtime headed to the YMCA in Augusta for his daily workout. Here’s what happened: “I started my workout and went about what I normally would do. I go on the elliptical trainer and […]