Does yoga have the power to save an addict’s life? Absolutely, say these people

Yoga pose

For twenty years, Angela Weymouth watched her brother struggle with opiate addiction. She and her husband Michael Seymour own Maine Hatha Yoga on Dartmouth Street in Portland. Since they first opened in 2002, they’ve known that people with substance abuse issues take their yoga classes. But only recently did some share their personal stories. “In the past three or […]

When a child has cancer, what happens to the other children in the family?

Page from book

When Daniel’s dad tells him his sister Kate has cancer, he doesn’t understand. She doesn’t look sick. “Will she be better by Saturday for the parade?” he asks. Daniel and Kate are fictional characters in a book that Maine artist Sally Loughridge wrote and illustrated. But the scene has been played out for real in countless families. […]

Treating depression, anxiety and insomnia with Chinese medicine

Kath Bartlett

Guest post by Kath Bartlett, LAc, licensed acupuncturist and Board Certified in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM Everyone wants to be happy and avoid suffering and pain. Our body’s nervous system hardwires us to pursue this attainment. So when anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia affect us, we understandably seek relief from our afflictions. Western medicine offers drug […]

Body Worlds: Education? Entertainment? Spectacular? Ghastly? It’s up to you to decide

Orthopedic Man

As a longtime health reporter and former x-ray tech, I’ve been in lots  of operating rooms and have witnessed more surgical procedures than I can count. I’ve seen people’s brains, hearts, stomachs, intestines, gall bladders, kidneys, joints, muscles and bones. Surgeons have obligingly stepped aside to allow me a closer view of how a certain body […]

How to be a friend — a best friend — to someone with a mental illness

Marty and Fran

How important are your friends? Would you travel to the ends of the Earth for any of them? I suspect that best friends Fran Houston and Marty Baker would, although their friendship got off to a rocky start. They met four years ago on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. The friend, who was despondent, wrote that she […]