Kendra’s solutions for feeling hangry, cranky, and overwhelmed

Guest post by Kendra Wheeler, Kendra Wheeler, health coach, certified personal trainer, & the owner of fitGOALS Training.

In our busy world, you have to make time for the things that are important to you, including yourself.

If you make yourself a priority, your world will magically change for the better. Actually, it’s not magic. It’s logic.

It makes sense that when you take care of yourself during the day, life gets easier. Suddenly you have the energy to make a nutritious meal, catch that yoga class, or call a friend who needs someone to listen.

When all your needs are met, you’re much better able to take care of those around you and have fun while doing it!

It’s always a little joke with my husband and me. Whenever I’m feeling crabby, there’s always a question of is Kendra hungry, sleepy, or stressed? Because 99% of the time, it’s one of those reasons.

Kendra knitting

Source: Kendra Wheeler

“Hangry” (Anger Resulting From Hunger)

The hungry Kendra quickly turns into the “hangry” version. My solution? Take a snack with me every time we leave the house. (Side note — protein will keep you full longer. Nuts or apple and peanut butter are a good choice!)

I’ve heard many of my clients tell me that they forget to eat. They start their day running out of the gate and often don’t stop until they hit their bed that night. If this is you, what can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen? I’ve found that keeping to a schedule helps. Or maybe you need to set a reminder on your phone.

And if you’re still “hangry” but have eaten then maybe you just haven’t eaten anything nutritious. Pick up a veggie! My quick go-to is cucumbers with hummus (Roasted Pine Nuts by Sabre is AMAZING!)

Cat napping

Source: Kendra Wheeler

Sleepy lady

My bedtime is pretty early, like grandma early. So if I don’t get enough sleep I’m not very friendly.

My solution? Recognize, accept, and cat nap.

Have you ever noticed how even though people may be tired, they deny it? They act as though they’re not and try to continue on with their day. It would be much easier (on everyone) if they just took a nap!

One problem I have, and perhaps you do too, is sometimes I don’t know that I’m tired. I might be feeling run down or negative but I don’t understand that it’s because I slept like crap the night before.

My solution: Cat naps are wonderful! It usually only takes me 20 minutes to snap back to normal. Is this true for you too?

Kendra doing yoga

Source: Kendra Wheeler

Slow your roll

Whenever I’m overwhelmed, nervous, sad, or just trying to hold my stuff together I get stressed. Stress often comes out by feeling like I’m on this imaginary schedule and whatever is on my to-do list MUST GET DONE N-O-W.

Of course, this is insanity. But just like the Hangry and Sleepy moments, sometimes it’s hard to notice that I’m actually feeling overwhelmed.

Does that make sense? On one hand you’re feeling out of control and on the other you’re trying to hold on for dear life. To me, that sounds a little wacky but I also think it describes most of the American population.

My solution? First, I have to take a breath. When I’m running around I’m often not taking full breaths.

Next, take a chill pill and sit down, smile, remember the good, and accept that whatever was meant to get done today will. Easier said than done, but gratitude journaling really helps! Just write down three things you’re pumped about:)

For example, today I loved waking up to find the sun was already shining. I get to go to yoga with a dear friend tonight and I finished a knitting project this morning and it looks awesome:)

I hope my “solutions” for how I deal with these emotional roller coasters will help you realize that when your needs are met, you’ll be a happy and healthier person!

These helpful tips came from Kendra Wheeler, Kendra Wheeler, health coach, certified personal trainer, and the owner of fitGOALS Training.

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