Miserable sore throat? One of these home remedies will make you feel better

Lemon and honey

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Don’t you hate it when you start to feel a sore throat coming on? Sometimes it’s scratchy. Sometimes it’s lumpy. I don’t know about you, but at the slightest hint, I try to stop a sore throat in its tracks. A while ago, I turned to my Catching Health Facebook friends and asked them to recommend their favorite home remedies.

Here’s what they gave me. Next time you have a sore throat, I’m sure that one will work for you!

Home remedies for a sore throat

Fran: Honey and Lemon, of course.

Diana:  Honey and lemon. Yummy and a natural bug killer!

Cup of tea

Source: Pond5

Mary:  Drink a tea of fresh sliced ginger root and lemon. Add honey if you need it sweetened. I chew on fresh ginger root, but that’s not for everyone. Ginger Root is a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Lemon packs a lot of Vitamin C. Also a garlic chicken soup with vegetables is good and nourishing for sore throats and colds. You can add ginger to the soup too and garlic is also a natural antibiotic.

Staci: Throat coat tea!

Anita: Good old Vicks Vapo Rub at night, covered with a scarf if you can.

Marcia: At the first sign of scratchiness or a cold, I take elderberry tablets about 4x/day. During the winter, I take 1/day for prevention. I do believe it helps strengthen the immune system.

Jennifer: Raw honey mixed with a shot of warm whiskey.

Paula: My mother always says to gargle with warm water mixed with salt.

Mary: Gargle with warm water and apple cider vinegar.

Jennifer: Start gargling with warm salt water.  Nip it in the bud.

Kathleen: I’ve mixed a crushed-up aspirin with warm water and then gargled with that. It’s helped me a lot in the past.

Chicken soup with lemon, garlic and ginger as a sore throat remedy

My husband’s chicken soup

Which home remedy works for me?

I suck on zinc lozenges and my husband makes me chicken, lemon, garlic and ginger soup. (I know, he’s a keeper.) I also try to get extra sleep to help boost my immune system.

Thanks for the remedies everyone!

What do you do at the first sign of a sore throat?

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