Catching Health with Diane Atwood is on TV!

Diane Atwood, Sharon Vaznis, Lee Nelson
I’m excited to announce that I was on the WCSH6 WLBZ2 Morning Report today and will be returning every other Tuesday at about 6:45 am. It was so great to be back on the air again and to see many familiar faces. For those of you who don’t know, I was the health reporter on WCSH6 for more than 20 years. I left in 2002, so it’s been a few years, but after the first few seconds, I felt right at home!

If you’ve got an idea for a health topic you think I should consider covering, just send me a message either in the comment section below or by email. Thank you and, in case you missed it, watch this clip from this morning’s show.



Diane Atwood

About Diane Atwood

For many years Diane Atwood was the health reporter on WCSH6. She's now a regular guest on the WCSH6 Morning Report. She is also a freelance health and wellness writer and blogger AND is pursuing a fine arts degree at the University of Southern Maine. Diane never plans to retire. She's too busy enjoying what she does.