Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

berries Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

Estes Farm in Buxton

If you’re looking for a farm that will let you pick your own blueberries, you’re in luck because there are several in Maine. Most places are opening mid to late July, but some not until the first of August. If a farm has a website or Facebook page, I included a link. Otherwise, you might want to call ahead to make sure it’s open for picking. If you want to add a farm to the list or notice something that needs to be corrected, please let me know — you can send a comment at the end of the post.


Blueberry Hill Farm
231 Blueberry Hill Road 
(207) 457-1151
Highbush berries, no rakes needed.


Dragonfly Meadow Blueberry Farm
16 West Lane
(207) 985-7884
The owner says her blueberries are “organically grown” and that she has never used a chemical pesticide in more than 20 years of growing.


Beddington Ridge Farm
1951 State Highway 193
(207) 638-2664
Downeast Maine wild blueberries.


Card’s Fruit Farm
195 John Small Road
(207) 353-4789
Cultivated blueberries


Blue Sky Farm
508 Weir Cove Road (Cape Rosier)
(207) 326-9099
Certified organic saltwater blueberries


Estes Farm 
114 Waterman Road
(207) 929-4801


Circle B Farms
RT 205, 1.5 miles south of Route 161
(207) 498-8238
Highbush berries.


Pleasant View Blueberry Farm
23 Blueberry Lane 2nd house on left on Pease Hill Road
(207) 447-5960 or (207) 625-3719
Small farm with beautiful mountain views.

 Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

Pleasant View Blueberry Farm in Cornish


Steep Hill Farm
26 Clyde Wells Road
(207) 685-4155
Bring the whole family!


Hog Bay Berries
207 Hog Bay Road
(207) 266-7241
Pick your blueberries on prime blueberry barrens overlooking a beautiful salt marsh.

Shalom Orchard
158 Eastbrook Road
(207) 565-2312
Organic blueberries


Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries
79 Alexander Way
(207) 570-7500
Many customers enjoy hand picking the large clusters of lowbush wild blueberries.


Hebert Farm
Route 161
Guerette, ME
207-834-5065 call
U-Pick highbush blueberries, raspberries


Perseverance Wild Blueberry Farm
PO Box 685
(207) 314-3937 or (207) 745-4572
Not your usual Downeast Maine wild lowbush blueberries — they’re sour-tops. Great flavor!


Berry Best Farm
33 Colburn Way
(207) 457-1435
Eleven different varieties that ripen at different times throughout the season. 


Doles Orchard
187 Doles Ridge Road
(207) 793-4409
Make sure to check the Facebook page first!

Libby & Son U-Picks
86 Sawyer Mountain Road
(207) 793-4749
Acres and acres of great tasting highbush blueberries.


Sewall Orchard
259 Masalin Road
(207) 763-3956
The top of the blueberry field looks out over the Camden Hills State Park and parts of Penobscot Bay to the southeast, and Acadia National Park hard to the east. Check the farm voicemail after August 4.


Goss Berry Farm
311 Elm Street
(207) 346-6811
Check out the cute picture of the owner’s granddaughter!

 Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

Just had to include this picture from Goss Berry Farm in Mechanic Falls


Firth’s Fruit Farm
26 Intervale Road
(207) 778-3904
Unsprayed blueberries, says the owner.


McNally’s Farm
31 Frenchville Road
(207) 528-2110
Please call ahead of time.


Peace and Plenty Farm
1232 Reeds Mill Road
(207) 639-5550
Lowbush wild organic blueberries to pick by hand, not with rakes.


R & L Berry Farm
22 Berry Road
(207) 685-4709
Highbush blueberries – easy to pick. No rakes needed. Owner Leane Reed says the blueberries are awesome.


Pleasant Mountain Blueberries
25 Tolman Lane
(207) 236-6596
The owner says his wild blueberries should be ready to pick the 2nd week of August.


Payeur’s Blueberry Farm
Otis Allen Road
(207) 324-3200
Blueberries are nearly ready for picking. Check Facebook page for updates.


Crabtree’s Blueberries
703 Bridgton Road
(207) 787-2730
The honey bees outdid themselves this year so the bushes are full.


Crummett Mountain Farm
305 Crummett Mountain Road
(207) 549-7314
MOFGA-certified organic wild blueberries.


Wagner’s Maple Sugar House
448 Vassalboro Road
(207) 445-2214
Look for the big white flag out front and have a great time picking!


Rivard Farm
110 Blanchard Road
(207) 324-5566
Enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Rivard Farm blueberries 300x225 Where You Can Pick Blueberries in Maine

Rivard Farm in Springvale


Staples Homestead
302 Old County Road
(207) 567-3393
Certified organic, usually ready about the first of August.


Blueberries On Top
779 Barrett Hill Road
Union, ME
(207) 313 2944
The owner says berries will be at their peak the last week of July and first week of August. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 8 am – 5 pm and Sunday 8 am – noon.


Spiller Farm
85 Spiller Farm Lane
(207) 985-2575
Just minutes from Route 1 in Wells.

Remember to let me know if you have a farm to add to the list or you find something that needs to be corrected. I hope you have a great time picking blueberries — if you’ve got a recipe you’d like to share, please do!


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