Small Changes with Big Results

In June, I was the featured New England blogger for Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare’s Count Us In campaign. One of the assignments was to ask our followers for health and wellness tips. It’s called crowd sourcing.

I asked Catching Health Facebook followers to share one change they had made in their lives that made them feel healthier or happier. I got lots of great responses!

One example:

Michele: “I started running. It makes me feel healthier and has turned out to be a great stress reliever. Every run, whether three miles or 13 miles, is a struggle for me, especially since I have asthma and allergies. I feel a sense of accomplishment after every run. My next half marathon is June 23rd. I’ve been doing it three years super slow, but I’m doing it. Maybe someday I’ll do a full marathon.”

Michele at mile 12 of her first half marathon — Maine Half Marathon — October 3, 2010.

If you’d like to read about some of the lifestyle changes other Catching Health followers made, check out my post on Count Us In.


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